Police Investigating West Jackson Home Invasion

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn. - Jackson Police are looking for 4 men they say are considered to be armed and dangerous, after home invasion was reported in West Jackson early Saturday morning.

Investigators said 4 armed gunmen invaded a house on Campbell Street around 1:10 a.m. Saturday. Tenants told 7 Eyewitness News that the gunman kicked in the back door and robbed 5 residents at gunpoint inside the residence. "Men broke into my house they held my roommates at gunpoint and took their money and threatened to kill them," said Roommate Jesus Carrizalies

Victims said the four gunman had bandannas over their faces and were armed with at least three handguns and an assault rifle. Police said one of the gunmen fired at least one shot but thankfully no one was seriously hurt. "They hit him in the face with a gun barrel," said Carrizalies,"it went off and they shot a hole through the wall."

Neighbors said they were shocked this type of violence would happen in their quiet neighborhood. "It's unheard of in this area," said Neighbor Clay Castleman," Not too far away that's probably common but here? That's the first time I've ever seen anything like that."

Victims said they believe their house was targeted because one of their roommates posted an add on Craig's list that advertised expensive speakers.

"I think it's an opportunity they saw and an opportunity, they took advantage of it," said Carrizalies. "It actually angers me, makes me really mad because thieves or people that do that are probably the lowest scum there is. I'm sorry to say that but they are."

Jackson Police said they have not yet determined a motive, but that the victim's Craig's List theory is possible. Neighbors said they are fearful the gunmen will come back into the neighborhood and target other houses on the street.

"There will be better protection in my own house I can tell you that," said Castleman.

Police said the four suspects were believed to be driving either a white Pontiac Bonneville or a 90s model white Buick Lesabre.
If you have any information in this case Call Jackson Police at (731) 425-8400.


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