Police: Man Attacks, Chokes Ex-Girlfriend

UNION CITY, Tenn. -- Police charged a man with aggravated assault after they say he attacked his ex-girlfriend in a cemetery, Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports, Stacy Allan Simmons, 36, got into a verbal argument that escalated into a physical confrontation with a former lover in between the Confederate Cemetery and the Old East View Cemetery around 4:30 p.m.

The victim says that Simmons claimed he wanted to talk with her, but got upset about their breakup and pulled her down to the ground, choked her, then attempted to slit her throat with a knife.

Simmons only let the victim go when he reportedly saw her mother walking toward them. He then took off on foot. After a foot chase between officers, Simmons was found hiding by an air conditioning unit.

Police say that Simmons was also in possession of small black handled pocket knife, similar to the one described by the victim.

Simmons is being charged with evading arrest and aggravated assault.


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