Police Swarm Home of Murder Victim's Girlfriend

Emily Cassulo

BEECH BLUFF, Tenn. - Jackson Police continue to investigate the city's first homicide of the year.

On Thursday, police searched the home of someone they said was close to the murder victim.

Neighbors said they were surprised to see so many officers so close to home.

"However, with the times and the changes and everything's taken place, we're having a lot more action out in these suburbs," said neighbor Denny Jones.

Officers said they were searching a home along Beech Bluff Road, looking for evidence related to the murder of William Joseph Nachlinger.

He was found dead in his car behind Whitehall Pre-K Center earlier this month.

"In this day and time and things that are happening, it's not really surprising on one hand, and then on the other it is," Jones said. "We've just got to watch our surroundings and pay attention, you know, take care of our kids."

Investigators said they were searching Nachlinger's girlfriend's home, but they would not say what they were looking for.

"You always wonder why and what's going on and who's involved in what," Jones said.

Police declined to say if Nachlinger's girlfriend is a suspect, and would not say if they have identified any suspects at all.

"The one or two times that I met her, she seemed like a sweet girl. She stopped by a couple different times and she always seemed respectable and nice to me," Jones said.

Neighbors said they just hope police solve the murder soon. They want to keep crime out of their community.

Jackson Police said their investigation is ongoing.


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