Police; Woman Asks For Job Application, Steals Wad of Cash

Joe Sullivan

Alamo, TENN. – A Humboldt woman found herself on the wrong side of the law after visiting a Crockett County fast food restaurant.

According to Alamo Police, Jennifer Birmingham, 27, walked into the Sonic Drive-in on West Church Street and asked for a job application. When the worker she was speaking to turned her back for a moment, Birmingham reportedly stole $100.

"Unusual but the money was just laying right there to the left of the door and she picked it up," said Alamo Police Chief Gary Skipper.

According to police, eight days after stealing the money Birmingham returned to Sonic and ordered a shake.

Employees at Sonic recognized the woman and called the police. While Chief Skipper was enroute, workers stalled with Birmingham’s order to keep her at the store.

"I said did you notice all the cameras all over the walls and her eyes lit up like an owl in the night and she said no she didn't see the cameras but she admitted she took the money," said Skipper.

Birmingham was placed under arrest and sent to the Crockett County Jail. She posted a $1,200 bond and was released.

In court Thursday, Birmingham entered a guilty plea and was given supervised probation and ordered to repay the $100.

According to police, Birmingham has been arrested before for theft.


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