Storm Destroys Homes, Topples Trees, Power Lines in Chester County

Laura Bannon

JACKS CREEK, Tenn. - Tornado sirens did not awaken residents in Chester County, but the sound of howling winds was enough to awake them.

Damage assessment teams from the National Weather Service still are trying to determine if a tornado ripped through the area, early Wednesday morning. Even without a definitive answer, many who live in the area believe from seeing the damage, that a twister raked through their area.

Residents said that many had moved to neighbors or family homes that had a basement before the storm arrived.

One resident, Judy Davis was at her daughter's home and when she returned home, what she saw was unbelievable.

"When I got up to my house and I saw my dog... I was very sick to my stomach." said Davis. "I could hear people screaming and I could hear my dog howling and there was a tree on her."

Residents said they were shocked by the amount of damage done from this storm.

One resident explained to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that the winds were so strong that it broke their door. The force of the wind was able to push back Chris Grissom enough to give him a few bruises. Their roof collapsed and their RV was lifted and moved into their pool.

Besides a few minor injuries, residents were thankful that the storm did not turn out to be much worse.

"I'm happy no one was hurt in my home and the house can be replaced or repaired," said Davis.


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