Potholes Cause Problems in Cold Weather

Laura Bannon

JACKSON, Tenn. - Road maintenance crews say when it's winter time, this creates an issue for drivers in West Tennessee.

Due to the daily traffic pounding the roads, this creates stress for roadways. In the winter, when there is a potential for snow or freezing rain, these adds to the potential of potholes.

When temperatures drop below freezing and fall into the cracks of the road, it expands and digs deeper into the holes. So potholes can grow twice as fast in the winter time.

In the winter this is extremely dangerous for drivers because they can disappeared when they're filled with frozen water or covered with snow.

Jackson Street Department, Lead Operator Arthur Chism explains the process, "The weather needs to be up to the 40 degrees and rising without rain and snow. The mix we use, won't hold anything if it's below 40."

The special cold asphalt mix is a good temporary fix, according to Chism, because it holds for three months. The hot mix is a permanent repair and is only available in the spring-time.

Chism says fixing potholes year round are top priority in West Tennessee. He explains, "It's really bad, we'll shut off our job and go look at it, analyze it, and fix it the best we can but we do potholes on a daily basis."


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