Fourth Highest Powerball Drawing Excites Players

7 Eyewitness News Staff

The cash registers for Wednesday night's anticipated Powerball drawing are spitting out tickets almost non-stop as Tennesseans line up to get their chance at becoming multi-millionaire.

The estimated jackpot for the drawing is expected to be $320 million. A group of Australian visitors who are riding motorcycles across the country from Los Angeles to the East Coast are taking their chances of becoming big winners.

Tennessee Education Lottery officials are encouraging those who want to play to avoid the last minute rush and purchase tickets early. Those who purchased tickets are dreaming about what they would do with their winnings.

"(I would) pay off a couple of bills at home," said powerball player Steve Griffin. "Pay off the home. family, holidays and, just have a good life like we're having now."

Your last chance to buy a Powerball ticket ends at 8:59, Wednesday evening. You can catch the Powerball drawing just before 7 Eyewitness News at 10 on both WBBJ-TV, ABC 7 and CBS 7.


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