Fire Dangers Increase

Meghan Pinkley

Trenton, Tenn. - A warning for everyone in West Tennessee, our hot, dry weather isn't just uncomfortable, it is creating a real risk for wildfires.

At least two burn bans have been issued, one for Martin and the other for Jackson-Madison County. Residents in other areas are being strongly discouraged from burning anything outdoors.

"Green grass and green vegetation is burning. It's so dry there's no moisture in it and people are not realizing how dangerous and serious that is," said Gibson County Fire Chief Bryan Cathey. Fire officials are urging residents not to burn anything outside until we receive a significant amount of rain.

"We're asking that people basically keep any heat source away from any dry material at this time. There's no rain in the next 14 day forecast and it's just going to get worse," added Chief Cathey.

The Chief said there are many fire prevention tips that everyone should know:
-Be cautious when using equipment like bush hogs, lawn mowers and ATV's. When the exhaust systems get into the dead grass and stuff it can cause fires.
-Throwing a cigarette out your car window will bounce and shoot sparks and this could ignite the side of the road.
-Report fire activity immediately to your local fire department
-Avoid shooting fireworks in dry areas and attend public fireworks displays instead.


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