Prevention advocates speak out after extreme child abuse case

Heather Mathis

MCNAIRY CO. Tenn.,- Child abuse prevention advocates are speaking out after a father and his girlfriend are accused of beating an innocent child who is now on life support.

"It's just a tragedy," said Pam Nash with the Exchange Club/Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

Investigators said the girlfriend's child, a three-year-old, was inside of the home at the time but was not abused. Nash believes the child will need extensive therapy.

"I think she will need some trauma-based therapy that will really help her deal with this," Nash said.

In child abuse cases, prevention advocates say 46percent of the time women are the abusers.

"We see a lot of cases where there is a biological parent and a step parent or a boyfriend or girlfriend," Nash said.

The Carl Perkins Center said to look out for warning signs of abuse such as a child wearing long sleeve clothing in the summer, or any type of cuts or bruises on their body.

The center encourages you to always report any type of child abuse you see to local authorities.


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