Some Jackson drivers see twice the tickets after printing error

news admin

DOWNTOWN JACKSON -- If you recently got an extra traffic ticket by mail, you may have gotten a duplicate copy due to a printing error, according to the Jackson Police Department.

The department accidentally printed duplicate copies of a portion of automated tickets last week, according to Lt. Ron Adams, Traffic Safety Coordinator.

Adams said this is the first time something like this has happened since they began using the system in 2006.

"The Jackson Police Department always strives to do the very best job that we can with the assets that we have," Adams said. "We try to take care of everything just as quickly as we can and as easily for people as we can."

As the citations were being printed, the printer ran out of toner, stopping the printing process halfway through, according to Adams.

The entire batch of citations were then reprinted, Adams said, and this resulted in some duplicates being sent out.


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