Project Acts Repairing Several Jackson Homes this Week

7 Eyewitness News Staff

A number of residents in the Hub City who are having trouble keeping their property up to code are getting some help from members of several Jackson churches and the city.

Neighborhood Services, in cooperation with 'Project Acts', which is made up of Jackson Area churches, have lined up volunteers to work on seven properties that have been identified for the Homeowner Repair Program.

Work on improvements began Tuesday and will last until Thursday. The volunteers.are doing yard work and modest home enhancements which include scraping and painting.

"To allow kids to see that there's other people that are in need and to allow them to get out of the 'It's all about me' mode and to get into 'I want to share' mode and that's what it's about," said Derek Eledge, student pastor of Northside Assembly of God Church.

'Project Acts' involves several churches of various denominations, including both teens and adults who do acts of kindness throughout the week.


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