Project Helps to Decrease Flooding in Bemis

Caitlyn Jones

JACKSON, Tenn. - Some Bemis residents wont have to worry as much about flooding in their neighborhood thanks to a new state project.

The Tennessee Healthy Watershed Initiative launched its first project to increase healthy water and decrease flooding.

Conservation Coordinator Trish Johnson said by helping Cane Creek in Bemis flow better, it will make the water healthier and flooding in the area will be less likely.

A walking trail and informational signs were developed along the stream so that members of the community can use the area for recreational and educational purposes.

"What they did is engineered a new stream that meanders and curves and is able to move that sediment through the stream so that it doesn't back up and stop up and cause flooding," said Johnson.

The Tennessee Healthy Watershed Initiative plans to continue making improvements to Cane Creek and other streams and rivers throughout Tennessee.


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