Property Owners Cited for Having "Mosquito Breeding Ground"

Heather Mathis

OBION CO., Tenn.- Two property owners of a home in Union City were cited by the city's planning and codes for not fixing a water leak that they said has lead to a "mosquito breeding ground."

The home is rented, and when WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News arrived the current tenants were moving out. They said they are fed up with the leak, which has soaked the ground near the home, and neighbors yard.

"It is submerged so bad," said the family of Tracey Henry, the renters. "It's about three to four inches deep."

Planning and Codes director Jim Temple, said they feel the issue is public hazard, because mosquitoes can carry diseases such as West Nile.

James Fitzgerald said the bugs are so bad, he gets bit every time he is outside.

"You can feel them," said Fitzgerald. "They sting you can feel them real bad."

Renters said they have called the landlord multiple times, and their water bill has doubled since the leak.

"I just hope they get it taken care of. It's fine for whoever else moves in," said Keiosha Fitzgerald.

The property owners did not speak to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News on camera, but said they are fixing the leak by Monday, the day they are set to appear in court on the citation.


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