Puppies Found Dead in Henry County

Erica Williams

PARIS, Tenn- Three puppies were found dead in Henry County; and deputies are asking for the community's help

Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew, said they are still searching for the person responsible for leaving three pit bull puppies covered in a bucket on the side of the road.

According to Belew, on Tuesday, they received a call from a driver who spotted the large plastic bucket covered with a blanket on the side of Briarpatch Lake Rd. The driver was suspicious and got out to find out what was in the bucket. He said the puppies were dead when they were found.

"What type of person leaves three puppies in a bucket on the side of the road," Sheriff Belew asked. "If you don't want the puppies take them to the shelter or adopt them out. Don't leave them on the side of the road to die."

The Sheriff's Department controls the Henry County Animal Shelter. Belew said they have a no-kill policy. He said unfortunately cases of animal cruelty happen often, leaving the shelter overcrowded.

"The shelter will still try to help," said Belew. "So take them there. Leaving puppies on the side of the road is just inhumane."

Deputies are asking if you have any information to contact the Henry County Sheriff's Department at (731) 642-1672.


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