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Holly Bobo's Mother: Purse Not Holly's

Natalie Potts

DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn.- After examining the purse TBI officials believed to have belonged to missing nursing student Holly Bobo, Holly's mother Karen, told authorities it did not belong to her daughter.

Officials said the purse in question was discovered by a neighborhood dog Wednesday within one mile behind Holly's home.

According to Holly's brother, she was last seen walking into the woods with an unknown man wearing camouflage. Investigators believe she was taken against her will. Deputies blocked off roads and combed the woods for hours,Thursday searching for clues. Holly's cousin, Whitney Duncan told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that the last few days with the TBI's search has stirred up memories and hope for friends and family.

"Anytime I see that it kinda takes me back to that day one and that feeling in your gut," said Duncan. "It's just unbelievable that it's actually happening and you do have hope but there is fear there too."

Holly's mother told authorities that she had bought the purse that Holly was last seen wearing and she is positive that the one found did not belong to her daughter. Bobo said their community's support has been incredible and she is thankful that local law enforcement agents are still fighting for answers in Holly's case. Neighbors said even though the purse found was not Holly's, knowing that a dog could find anything in an area that has been searched countless times showed how deceiving the woods can be.

"That purse could have been buried and the rain could have washed it to the surface," said neighbor Cliff Diller. "That was amazing because there is no telling what is in these woods, they are deep."

Friends and family said they believe that Holly is still alive being held captive by her abductor. They believe there is evidence to be found somewhere, that could solve this case and bring Holly home.

"It feels like you are looking for a needle in a haystack ,honestly and you have no idea what your looking for you're just looking for something, just anything," said Duncan. "For somebody to find something like this for this to be brought, it's like everybody knows there has to be more out there. There is other evidence out there that just hasn't been found yet."

TBI officials said the purse was not physically shown to the Bobo family, Thursday because they were trying to preserve any smells and evidence on the bag.

"Keep awareness going, that's the main thing because when something like this happens, a tip or something could come up that could lead to something else," said Miller. " Somewhere it's going to happen and that one person or persons will be brought to justice."

If you have any information in this case call 1-800-TBI-FIND.
Email tips: helphollybobo@gmail.com


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