RIFA Food Shortage Plea For Help

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn-The Regional Interfaith Association, or RIFA, a local charity, is asking for the community's help due to a low supply of food to carry out its mission. The decrease in food supply has RIFA's staff concerned.

Shaun Powers, RIFA's Assistant Director said the organization has fed more people during the holidays than previous years. In addition to the increase of those in need, Powers said donations have decreased.

"I think in my time here at RIFA, this is the lowest it's been," said Powers.

Powers said the food shortage makes it tough to carry out RIFA's mission. "If we're a non-profit that helps fight hunger, we certainly need to have the resources to do it."

RIFA distributed more than 177,000 pounds of food last year. Staff members said more people are asking for help.

RIFA staff is asking the community to assist with the food shortage by donating, volunteering, or holding food drives.


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