RIFA Needs Fans

Natalie Potts

Jackson, Tenn. - One local group in Jackson who is known for helping those without air conditioning stay cool in the dangerous heat is now asking for help. They said the lifesavers they give out to residents suffering in the heat are running low.

The Regional Inter-Faith Association or RIFA is claiming they are in need of fans as temperatures rise. Amber Kincaid is the Outreach Case manager for RIFA, she told 7 Eyewitness News their calls have recently increased.

"We have gotten quite a few calls, people asking for fans there is quite a few apartment complexes in Jackson that do not have any air conditioning in the units," said Kincaid.

Alvin Wilson, 61, said he knows all too well about how difficult it can be living without air conditioning. Wilson said he relies on a fan to keep cool, because he does not have air conditioning and is too weak to lift up the windows for relief.

"Yeah, I suffer a lot," said Wilson, "Especially at night time early in the mornings I have to keep drinking water."

RIFA officials said their biggest problem is running low on fans, because they are the only source of relief for some residents living here in Jackson.

"We have about 8-10 fans left. It's a little scary, I hope that we can get some more in, " said Kincaid.

With hotter temperatures on the horizon Kincaid admitted that she fears what will happen next if RIFA were to run out of fans completely.

"If we don't have it we can't give it, " said Kincaid.

Right now, RIFA said it's forced to serve those without a fan on a first come first serve basis, saving the last few for the elderly and families with children.

"So we are in an up hill battle because the ones that can't get down here in time, that's the ones that need them the most," said Wilson.

RIFA officials said if they run out of fans, it will be a dangerous health risk to residents who depend on their services.

" Its definitely a health risk especially for the elderly and for people with children," said Kincaid.

If you would like to donate fans to RIFA, they ask that you use the loading dock between business hours.


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