Willie Ozier


Radio Host Pleads Guilty to Window Peeping, Trespassing

Mallory Cooke

JACKSON, Tenn.--A well known radio host, educator, and minister entered guilty pleas Thursday in connection with charges that he was window peeping.

“I was on the property in question thinking that it belonged to someone I knew and to that end I have pleaded guilty,” said Willie Ozier. He claims the Sheriff's Department's investigation revealed he had reason to believe the property belonged to someone he knew. Ozier would not clarify to WBBJ what that reason was.

Ozier pleaded guilty to criminal trespass and observing without consent. “The property that I was on I felt with everything in me belonged to someone that I knew,” he said.

Tuesday investigators say an eyewitness caught Ozier at a house on Beinville Street looking through the window. Ozier tells WBBJ he was only on the property in question and did not unlawfully step foot on anyone else's property.

“Back of the residence is where our witness saw him go around the house to the back of the residence,” said Sgt. T.J. King, with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies caught up with him not far from the house. “There are portions of his story that I tend not to believe,” said King.

Humboldt City Schools Superintendent Steve Bayko confirms Ozier taught math at the high school the past two years.

“He's a school teacher,” said Janette Mitchell, of Humboldt. “He should be ashamed of himself.”

Ozier would not say who he was trying to visit. “That’s getting into the details of the case that quite frankly should not be divulged upon right now,” he said.

Ozier claims he was not on anyone else’s property. “There was no complaint of my being at any other home in this area, but the one in question,” he said.

The judge placed Ozier on supervised probation for 11 months and 29 days. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 11.


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