Rangers: New Reservation System Brings More Campers

Emily Cassulo

WILDERSVILLE, Tenn. - Tennessee State Parks may have launched a new reservation system a few months ago, but park rangers here in West Tennessee say they are already seeing an increase in visitors, thanks to the new system.

It takes about an hour-and-a-half for Tracy Peden and her family to get from Columbia in Maury County to Natchez Trace State Park in Henderson County.

She said they do not mind making the drive, as long as they are guaranteed a camping spot.

"You want everything to be set up, ready to go, and that way when we pull in with our RV, that we can go ahead and just start setting up the campsite and enjoying the water," Peden said.

That is why Tennessee State Parks recently launched a new campground reservation system.

Their goal is to make it easier on visitors and bring more of them to the state parks.

"Come out and look on their calendar and say 'Hey, we want to come two months from now.' And they can go ahead and hold that spot, where as before, it was basically first come first serve," said park ranger Jacob Ingram.

They said their plan is already working.

"With this new system, I have seen an increase in folks coming out because that spot is theirs," Ingram said. "You can make those up to a year in advance."

Campers said reserving a spot is easy.

"We were able to go online and find the campsite, able to pull up the ones that were available, and actually view them," Peden said.

And that convenience is what the Pedens said keeps them coming back.

"You don't want any hang ups, or anything to slow you down. You just want to get to the lake," she said.

So they can focus on enjoying their vacation.

Rangers said it only costs $3 to reserve a spot.


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