Rash of Car Burglaries in North Jackson and Madison County

Cyndi Lundeberg

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. - JPD and the Madison County Sheriff's Department are searching for answers in the wake of two dozen car burglaries that happened overnight, Wednesday.

Kendra Taggart was one of the victims. She said she has been living on Summerfield Lane for nearly 20 years, and said crime in this area is very unusual. Taggart said the burglars stole her peace of mind.

"Panicked. Lost sense of security. I feel like my home, my space, has just been violated," she said.

Taggart said the window of her truck was smashed and three guns, some brand new, were taken from inside. She said she is absolutely terrified these criminals now have firearms.

"Makes me think twice about leaving my daughter at home," she said.

In total, 14 cars in Jackson and Madison County were burglarized in an eight-hour time period. According to police reports the burglars climbed through sun roofs and pried open doors, chipping paint to grab belongings.

Ethan Robbins' $2,000 sound system was taken from his truck. He said he believes whoever is responsible has been watching his neighborhood to know who to hit and when.

"This is not so much a physical problem, cause objects can always be replaced. But just more the mental aspect of it. That this can always happen again," Robbins said.

Officers said fingerprints were taken from the neighborhood and vehicles. They also said surveillance video of the victims' credit cards being used is being booked into evidence.


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