Gun Show Draws Record Crowd in Jackson

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- An annual gun and knife show in Jackson attracted record breaking numbers of attendees over the weekend.

With talks of tougher gun control regulations across the board for semi-automatic handguns and military style rifles, many West Tennesseans said they are looking to buy now just in case any new regulations are added.

"I think that that's what really kind've in a way set in a panic," said Tim South, a potential gun buyer. "You know a lot of people, they are getting to where they are not sure if they are going to be able to buy guns anymore."

Gun show managers said this year was their largest year on record in Jackson, with attendance reaching well into the thousands. Vendors said the increase in sales has put many items on back order.

"It's been about four years since I've seen anything like this as far as the demand and people ready to turn loose some money," said Jessie Clark, a weapons and ammunition dealer.

Those who were looking to buy or sell weapons said the lines to get to the door were long, but worth the wait because many of the items that were displayed in the weekend show cannot be found anywhere else.

Dealers said the level of demand has made it difficult to stock merchandise, which causes an increase in prices.

The price of semi-automatic rifles and handguns in demand have increased by hundreds of dollars. Vendors said even some magazine clips and bullet casings have doubled in price.

"Ammunition is really going up high," said Jimmy Lamons. "It's getting really expensive, it's hard to come by now and it's just getting outrageous really," said gun owner Jimmy Lamons.

Many vendors said they are having to travel to several different distributors just to find merchandise.

Gun show managers said they have seen a consistent increase in attendance in all of their recent shows across the country.


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