Residents Happy Two Bain Girls Found Alive

Natalie Potts

Now that Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain are safe with their family the entire community of Bolivar is showing their support.

Margie Vale, florist for A Haven of Flowers, has been working day and night to tie green bows for the Bain sisters.

"People are putting them on big trucks, people are putting them on mailboxes anywhere banks are putting them on posts, " said Vale.

Vale said Residents are painting the town with lime green to show their love and support for Alexandria, 12 and Kyliyah. 8.

"I hope that they will be impressed and be thankful that so many people really was concerned about them," admitted Vale.

So far she has used more than 700 yards of green ribbon to make the bows, and customers are still ordering them by the dozens.

" We just hope it's like a hug to each of them, it was said the girls they love the color green." said Lori Arnold, a teacher at Bolivar Elementary School.

In addition, both Bolivar Elementary and Middle School, where the Bain sisters are students, said they too are planning their very own special welcome home.

" I think that it helps the family and the children to see that their community was behind them and elated to see them back." said Emily Thompson, a Hardeman County Social Worker.

"Before yesterday those ribbons represented support for the family and hope, today its a celebration," admitted Principal Bobby Doyle of Bolivar Elementary..


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