Residents Rallying to Keep Post Office in Jacks Creek

Emily Cassulo

JACKS CREEK, Tenn. - The fate of the post office in Jacks Creek is hanging in balance.

United States Postal Service representatives are set to visit the small Chester County town on Thursday night for a meeting that could decide whether the post office stays, goes or operates more limited hours.

Ralph Mays has been using his post office box in Jacks Creek for the past 26 years. "A post office in a small community like Jacks Creek is very, very important," Mays said.

It may be small, but residents said it stays busy. That is why they do not want the postal service to close it, or reduce its hours.

But the postal service said it has to to save money. "But why a post office as important as this, used by so many people?" Mays said.

Jacks Creek residents believe they are not the only ones who take advantage of this post office. They said people from nearby cities and counties stop by when they drive through. "Hundreds of cars pass here daily, and many of them stop from other towns and communities to mail their packages and letters," Mays said.

Residents said any change would be a big inconvenience/ The closest post offices to them are about 15 minutes away.

Just last month, USPS sent out surveys, asking those who live in the area if they wanted to close the post office and use another one, a rural carrier or a local business instead.

Another option is to cut back hours. "Losing our post office hours is really going to hurt. I'm just afraid that we may lose a lot of business in cutting back hours," said Beth Hurst, who works at the Jacks Creek Post Office. But Hurst said she would rather them cut back hours, than lose the post office altogether.

The community meeting is set for Thursday at 5 p.m. at Jacks Creek Elementary School.

The postal service said it will go over the results of the survey. The next week, they will notify residents of their decision, which will go into effect 30 days later.


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