Residents React To Drugs Found In Gas Tank

Empriss Campbell

OBION COUNTY, Tenn. - The Obion County Drug Task Force got more than they bargained for when they pulled over a truck during a routine traffic stop.

41 packages of marijuana were found inside the pick up truck's gas tank. Residents said they were shocked someone would go that far.

"Evidently he's pretty smart. He's done this before because who would ever think of putting it in your gas tank," said Kathy Richardson.

Others said if they can almost get away with something that big what else could they do.

"It is frighting because you never know what they can think of next and frightening to protect children," said Sue Archer.

The Drug Task Force arrested Damon Logan,who will be charged with drug violations. The Drug Task Force also found marijuana hidden underneath the truck's bed liner.

"It's a danger to our community someone transporting drugs through here all the time we don't realize that danger we could be in," said Kathy Richardson.

Residents said the suspect should of used his bright ideas for something other than transporting drugs.

"If he's smart enough to do something like that he's smart enough to run a business in community and be a help to society," said Sue Archer.

Logan is being held in Obion County Jail.


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