Residents Say Neighbor Was Beaten By Police

Erica Williams

WHITEVILLE, Tenn-Whiteville Police said they had to take extra measures to arrest an accused drunk driver.

Police said they were forced to use their baton to take down the suspect because the taser wasn't working; but some residents said they went too far.

One neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she saw police hit her neighbor, Terry Harris, in his knees.

"He had just had knee surgery so they were telling him to get down but he couldn't" she said.

Other neighbors who know Harris said his knee condition wouldn't allow him to get down on the ground for Police, possibly appearing that he was disobeying orders; but residents said police should have known better.

According to Whiteville Police Chief, Steven Stanley, after reviewing dash cam video he believed the officer was simply following protocol for Harris, who was resisting arrest.

"What I want to do is find out all of the facts of the case," Monroe Woods, President of the Hardeman County NAACP Chapter said. "Then we can determine if excessive force was used."

"All we have is a complaint from the NAACP," Chief Stanley said. "We don't have anyone that has come forward to make an official complaint."

He also added that he welcomes eyewitnesses to come forward with any information.

The officer has not been suspending during the investigation.


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