Residents Visit Post Office Ahead of Price Hike

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON, Tenn.- If you believe every penny counts, you will want to stock up on First Class stamps before Sunday.

A one-piece price hike will go into effect, pushing the price of a First Class stamp to 46 cents and 33 cents for post cards.

It is not just postage stamp costs that are going up. Shipping priority boxes will also increase, ranging now from $5.80 to $16.85 per box.

"I understand that they have to make changes and I understand things go up, but it's going to get ridiculous if it keeps going higher," said Cynthia Ward, who lives in Jackson.

With the implementation of the Forever Stamp, users no longer have to worry with buying one-cent stamps when prices go up.
A "Forever Stamp is always valid, even if you purchased it at a price lower than the current rate.


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