Residents Tired of "Eyesore" Building

Ben Rainwater

RUTHERFORD, Tenn. - An abandoned building that is falling apart is the center of a controversy in Rutherford.

"It's a big issue as far as safety because if this awning falls and kills somebody, the city is going to be responsible," said concerned resident Don Greer.

"We just feel the city needs to take action to try and get it torn down because it's an eyesore to the town," said concerned resident Dusty Emerson. "When people come into town, that's one of the first things they see."

Some residents said that if the building is not taken care of soon, the awning and the entire front of the building could fall, putting people's lives at risk.

"There's a lot of kids (around it) after school," said Emerson. "They use this sidewalk. They walk underneath there. I mean the city at the very minimum should at least try to do something about the awning."

Rutherford Mayor Larry Davidson said the city is making progress, and released a statement saying, "That building and others in the area were discussed at our last board meeting. We're doing our best to get these buildings condemned, but it takes time because we have to follow guidelines."

Residents said they are also worried that the building is a fire hazard for the entire block as it is attached to at least three stores, one of them being the town grocery store.


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