Robber at Gas Station Caught on Tape

Emily Cassulo

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. - Humboldt police have a Trenton man behind bars, accused of robbing a local convenience store.

Christy Eubanks said her fellow cashier is on edge, after the convenience store where they work was robbed.

"He was just shocked," Eubanks said. "He was scared, nervous."

Investigators said the suspect demanded money, threatened to shoot the cashier, but never showed a weapon.

"He threw the register on the floor," Eubanks said. "( He) threw the cashier's phone, so he was determined to get the money, but the cashier couldn't open the drawer."

Eubanks said the accused robber stole several boxes of cigarettes, and threw an energy drink at a security camera to break it. He missed - leaving a big hole in the ceiling tile.

Workers said the suspected robber did not get away with much. And the cigarettes he did take, he dropped most of them on the way out.

Humboldt police said they arrested Jeremy Ward near the store shortly after, and were able to recover the stolen items.

"You have to be cautious and pay attention to the people that are around you. You never know when someone's going to do something foolish," said customer Cherylann Lowien.

Workers said they are glad he was caught.

Police said they have charged Ward with robbery, theft of property under $500, attempted theft over $500, and vandalism under $500.


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