Robocop May Be on the Way Out of Jackson

7 Eyewitness News Staff

The end may be near for the speed camera known as "Robocop" and other red light traffic cameras in the Hub City. It is news that may cause drivers to cheer.

The contract with the company that operates the cameras is scheduled to expire in June, which coincides with the next city council meeting.

Revenue from the traffic cameras are down, which the city is pleased with, because it means fewer people are speeding.

But city leaders want to re-evaluate whether it is worth the extra costs to keep the cameras or just switch back to catching speeders with patrol cars.

"This is a time for us to really evaluate the usefulness of the mobile speed cam and also our red light cameras and see if there's other options which we need to explore or just eliminate them," said Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist. "With the stationary unit in place, then we're probably not as aggressive as moving, our moving radar units or patrol units, and there's just so much can be determined from simply a traffic stop, records, felonies, stolen vehicles, and I think we're missing some of that now."

The next city council meeting is scheduled for June 5.


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