Royale Burger Employer Facing Charges; Employees Still Not Paid

Modupe Idowu

HUMBOLDT, Tenn.- It has been almost a year since employees of Royale Burger in Humboldt showed up to work only to find the doors closed.

"Even thinking about it is getting me upset now. I didn't know all this could happen," said James Earl Jenkins.

Jenkins was one of those employees. He along with his former co- workers have done everything in their power to get their money. Despite their efforts, they have not seen a dime.

Jenkins said, "I felt a little bad because its been a problem finding a job. I figured well they will pay us, but ain't no pay come out of them."

A riot broke out last September when employees realized they were not getting paid.

"I feel as though we've been left out, been left out. I worked honest for that money," said Jenkins.

He along with others have sought legal action and have won a default judgment for a little more than $150, 000. Unfortunately, they still have not been paid.

"There's a big difference between obtaining a judgment and collecting on that judgment," said the plaintiff's attorney, Patrick Dollar.

Dollar said his firm has been seeking assets of the corporation and individual owners, but they have received no money.

7 Eyewitness News' investigation revealed one of the owners of Royale Burger is facing fraudulent check charges in a separate case.

One of the owners, Demetri Saltz has been charged with writing worthless checks to Sysco Food Services for thousands of dollars adding to his number of debtors.

"Demetri, you need to pay up. You really need to pay up because I'm hurting," said Jenkins.


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