Verna Ruffin


Ruffin Ready for Challenge in JMCSS

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn- Jackson-Madison County's new Superintendent said she was ready to get to work.

Thursday night, the district voted unanimously to hire Dr. Verna Ruffin, who is currently an assistant superintendent in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ruffin said after months of interviewing, she was ready to start working on her 100-day plan.

The plan was shared with the school board during interviews. Ruffin considers it a comprehensive initiative that begins by meeting with school board members, developing a collective plan, and vigorously implementing it.

"I move very quickly," said Ruffin. "And I don't tire easily."

Ruffin's background in education ranges from school teacher to assistant principal. She said her experience will help in her new role, something that she takes very seriously.

"It's not just a professional thing. I take this very personal and professional because I want to do well for a community that chose me," said Ruffin.

Ruffin is set to begin her role full-time as superintendent of JMCSS on July 1.


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