Safety Concerns on the Universiy of Memphis Lambuth Campus

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn.- An attempted robbery on the University of Memphis- Lambuth Campus has students speaking out about the lack of lighting in some areas of the school.

Lambuth student, Chance Morrow, said four men approached him on Monday trying to rob him at gunpoint. "One of them said 'let's just beat the guy', and two of them started to swing. I ran off towards the security thing and pressed the button when they ran off."

The attempted robbery has other students concerned for their safety, and said the lack of lighting near the dorms makes them nervous.

"I have a night class this semester. I don't like walking back in the dark alone because coming from the buildings, back to our houses is very dark," said freshman Samantha Galbraith.

The head of campus security told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News, the City of Jackson is working on a "Green Light Project" that will provide better lighting for that area of campus.

"I think lighting would help, maybe even put an extra security camera around somewhere. Lighting would be a big deal," said Morrow.

Campus officials also said their campus police officer will change his hours and work through midnight, and they are in the process of hiring two more gun-carrying officers to better protect the campus.


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