Electronics Top School Budget Proposal

Joe Sullivan

JACKSON, Tenn. - Jackson-Madison County School leaders met Friday with the budget committee.

At the core of the conversation was money for technology.

Jackson-Madison County School Superintendent Buddy White told the committee that he needs 2,686 lap top computers.

"The students are into the technology world. They use the cell phones, they use their IPODS. Even the small children know how to use the IPAD and the computers and the various devises," said White.

Commissioners questioned the cost of the computers.

White told them they were needed for the state mandated Park Assessment tests that begin in 2014.

The computers are needed this year so students and teachers can prepare and train on the computers before the tests.

"We know we are moving forward to electronic devises to be able for testing or for other purposes to replace and I think that is probably most likely a good thing," said Madison County Commissioner Doug Stephenson.

The Budget Committee voted to approve the $2.7 million capital budget.

The Committee also made a recommendation to cut the general purpose budget by $450,000.

"You get discouraged sometimes when you have to live within your allocations. But we understand being responsible we have to live within our allocations and we will do that," said White.

The County Commissioners will vote next month whether to approve the requested money.


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