School Officials: East Hardin Elementary Is Free of Mold

SAVANNAH, Tenn. -- Hardin County school officials say they have been working around the clock to extinguish a mold issue that's spread from the library to the building's air conditioning system.

Friday, the school board met with Smith & Company, who monitors East Hardin County Elementary's HVAC units. Until now, the system did not monitor the school's humidity levels. Officials say by checking these levels they can prevent mold growth.

Michael Davis, the deputy director of Hardin County Schools, says that this development will help to control the mold issue.

"With the humidity levels being monitored on a daily basis, it would allow us to make those corrections as needed," Davis said.

Some parents who attended the meeting say they're satisfied to see the school board working so proactively to get rid of the issue. However, some are still weary that this isn't the last of the mold problem.

Angela Murphy, a concerned parent, says that she hopes that the school system has finally contained the mold.

"Top priority, it's got to be, Murphy said. "I mean it can't happen again. It can't keep going on like this."

Though the mold is now gone, school officials say they'll continue efforts to protect current and future students.

"I feel like the board has been very proactive once they realized there was an issue," Davis said. "And they have approved for this system to continue to work hard to take care of the issue."


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