School Board Votes to Renovate JCM Track

Cyndi Lundeberg

JACKSON, Tenn. - In Thursday's meeting, the Jackson-Madison County School Board voted to upgrade JCM's track. In a vote, six board members approved the motion to allocate funds to repair the track. Board members George Neely and Truman Murray voted against the track upgrade.

Board Member Joe Mays moved to add the item to the agenda because he said revamping the JCM track has been a priority of the school board for nearly a decade.

"It's presently used by JCM and Madison (Academic) as well as the community. I think the community will be excited about it," he said.

School board member Maria Mitchell said because schools use the track she's worried without repair students may get hurt. Mitchell said students could easily twist an ankle on the worn down track she told the board.

"That track at JCM is in terrible shape. It's an asphalt track and it's crumbling," board chairman David Clifft said.

Neely said the board should not vote to renovate a school track when some classrooms in the school district are without air conditioning.

"Air conditioning certainly is important and I tend to agree with him, but I think we can accomplish both. I don't think classrooms will be hot at the expense of paving a track," Clifft said.

The board said because the track is also used by the public, they are going to ask the city to help pay for the reconstruction which will cost about $26,000. They said hopefully JCM's track will be repaired in the 2013- 2014 school year.


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