Housam Gbara


Search Warrant Leads To Synthetic Marijuana Seizure

Empriss Campbell

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. - Residents in Crockett County are concerned after learning the owner of a local gas station has been arrested for selling synthetic marijuana.

Alamo police arrested Housam Gbara after serving a search warrant at the Exxon gas station on Bells Street. Officers found 21 grams of synthetic controlled substance during there search.

Residents in Crockett County said drug activity is becoming more of a problem in their area.

"It makes me mad, it irritates me because I got four young grandchildren," said Sam Reece.

Alamo officers said they received information Gbara was selling the drugs out of his store.

Residents said they want to change the reputation their county has earned.

"Crockett County has a bad reputation and this makes it look worst so I would like to say to those people take a look because we all have children here and we want to make our community look better not worst," said Amy Davis.

The suspect was charged with selling a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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