Search for Stolen Four Wheeler with Sentimental Value

Natalie Potts

MCNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. - Deputies are investigating after a special four-wheeler was taken from an elderly woman's home, Friday.

Mary Burkett, 77, who is still grieving the loss of her son Norman, who passed away last month, told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News the bold thieves came onto her property just steps away from her home and loaded up her deceased son's four-wheeler.

"They know I was here alone," said Burkett. " You could see where they parked out there it looked like they tried to push it forward."

Burkett did not ride the four wheeler, but said it was a priceless possession she cannot replace. It was filled with memories of her son, who enjoyed riding on her property with his brothers.

"It makes me very hurtful, I'm very upset," said son Escot Burkett. "It's worth more than any monetary value that could be put on it."

Burkett said she heard her dogs barking for more than 15 minutes and even saw headlights down the end of her driveway. She knew someone was there and that somethings was wrong. But she stayed inside as thieves carried away the ATV just steps away from her front door.

Family members said knowing that thieves would come that close to an occupied home with lights on is unnerving.

"It took time to do this," said Escot Burkett. "It isn't something you can just pick up and put in your pocket and walk off with. I think it was a pretty sorry thing to do to target an elderly person like that. Whoever took it knew that my mom was here and they just didn't care."

Even though losing the four wheeler is painful, family members said they are thankful for Mary's gut feeling to stay indoors.

"She could have went outside and confronted them about it, and it could of been a tragedy," said Escot Burkett.

The four-wheeler was a green 2013 Honda 4x4 with model number C43. The Burkett family said they are offering a $1,000 reward for an arrest and recovery of their stolen ATV. If you have any information in this case call the McNairy County Sheriff's Department.


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