Second Animal Clinic Burglarized in a few Weeks

Cyndi Lundeberg

UNION CITY, Tenn. - Officers from both Weakley and Obion County are searching for the man they say broke into animal clinics in both counties.

The thief got away with potent animal drugs and money.

The first break-in was in Martin. The second was at the Reelfoot Animal Clinic in Union City. Sheila Thorton, from Union City, uses the clinic and says she's shocked.

"I can't figure out what they would want it for," she said. "What are they going to make with it? Have they come up with some new recipe?".

Dr. Leland Davis of the Reelfoot Animal Clinic says the thief was in and out of the building quickly. He says officers arrived just four minutes after his alarm went off. Dr. Davis says the only thing the burglar managed to snag was the clinic's cash box.

Dr. Davis says he believes what the thieves were really after were the powerful animal tranquilizers they got in the first break-in in Martin.

Dr. Peter Gardener of Physician's Quality Care in Jackson says he's worried the stolen drugs could make their way into other peoples hands.

"There is always a danger of it hitting the street," Dr. Gardener said. "I mean somebody stealing controlled substances is either an addict or they're selling it to make money."

Dr. Gardener says while some of the medication intended for animals could be taken by humans with serious side effects, others would have severe consequences.

"Ketamine is one of the most popular things stolen," he said. "It's a dis-associative hallucinogenic so somebody could take it and have a similar effect to LSD."

Doctors say putting any controlled substance in your body is harmful but animal drugs can be four-times as powerful as a normal human dosage, which is part of their appeal for drug addicts.

Anyone with any information in either break-in is asked to call Union City Police (731) 885-1515, or Martin Police (731) 587-5183.


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