Selmer Facility to Expand, Add 25 Jobs

Ben Rainwater

SELMER, Tenn. Even with Henco Furniture going out of business and Masco Bath Corporation closing, business is booming and expanding at United Stainless.

"It's going to be a positive impact on our economy," said Ted Moore, executive director of the McNairy Regional Alliance. "Anytime you add jobs, it impacts the community and the economy."

United Stainless is adding a $3.4 million facility and 25 new jobs. Officials hope the new building can be ready in just a few months.

"Our goal is to have everything ready to start production by sometime in October," said Moore.

Many McNairy County officials said this latest expansion shows that United Stainless is going to continue to grow and thrive in the county.

"It hadn't been but a few years ago that they had about 75 employees, and now they're approaching 200," said Moore.

"They invested their time to come here," said Mayor Ronnie Brooks of McNairy County. "With this continual expansion in the company, that is going to hopefully make an even larger impact in the future in our county."

Officials said they hope this addition keeps residents thinking positively despite the recent loss of some local businesses.

"I hope it builds enthusiasm for the people in the county," said Moore. "(It) lets them know that the MRA is working very hard every day to recruit jobs to our community. We'll continue to chip away at replacing all those jobs that's been lost recently."


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