Quinton Garland


Selmer Police Officer Arrested, Suspended

Empriss Campbell

McNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. - Selmer Police are investigating one of their own for domestic assault.

Patrolman Quinton Garland is charged with domestic assault. He is accused of throwing his girlfriend to the floor and then grabbing her by the neck during an argument.

"No woman or man should be going through anything like that any kind of assault no matter what the predicament is," said Jennifer Fernandez.

Jennifer Fernandez said she's had several run-ins with the 3 year patrolman. She also said he even let her out of a couple tickets.

"When I got around him he had this little vibe about him I really wasn't surprised because you can't know whats goes on behind closed doors," said Fernandez.

According to Lt. Tony Miller, Selmer Police are taking these accusations very seriously. Garland has been put on suspension without pay pending an administrative investigation.


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