Storm Damage in Atwood Courtesy: The Thomas Family


Severe Thunderstorms Leave Damage Behind

7 Eyewitness News Staff

Strong winds and rains rushed through West Tennessee Monday afternoon, leaving behind downed trees, downed power lines and damaged homes.

A house along Harts Bridge Road in south Jackson suffered some of the worst damage in Madison County. A tree fell on the home, ripping part of the structure away.

Winds during the brunt of the stormed reached 60 miles per hour. Yet despite the damage, the Jackson-Madison County Emergency Management Agency said there were no reports of injuries.

Though most damage was in the southeast portion of Jackson-Madison County, emergency officials said they received reports of damage all over the county and as far northwest at Windy City Road.

There were plenty of close calls during the storm. A homeowner on Chester Levee Road said after the storm she walked out to find one of her largest trees, which sits just feet from her home, had toppled onto her garden.

"We were scared," said Liz Evans. "I'm just glad it didn't hit the house." Evans counts herself among the lucky.

At one time thousands of JEA customers were without power, but late Monday evening the utility company had restored power to most everyone. Gibson Electric also reported at the height of the storm about 1,400 customers without power. All but about 150 customers had been reconnected by 8 p.m.

Throughout West Tennessee, the damage seemed to mirror what was experienced in the Hub City. The still picture linked to this story is from a viewer in Atwood. A tree in the yard of the Thomas Family home appeared to have taken a lightning strike.


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