Sex Offender Arrested at the Fair

Modupe Idowu

JACKSON, Tenn. -Madison County deputies arrested a convicted sex offender working a game at the West Tennessee State Fair, Thursday evening.

The West Tennessee State Fair has been busy as usual and welcomes people from all across West Tennessee.

"We usually come a couple times a year," said concerned parent Sandy Fincher.

This year, deputies said an unwanted convicted sex offender was caught working at the ring toss booth in the middle o the midway. Sheriff Woolfork said an employee of his saw recognized the convicted felon and reported it to an investigator.

"Investigators observed him working the games where children had frequented," said Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork.

"I'm shocked. Unfortunately its a part of our society now where there seems to be sex offenders everywhere," said Fincher.

Deputies arrested and charged Daricus Robinson Shaw, 35, with violating the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry Law. In 1998, Shaw was convicted of child molestation and sexual battery in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fincher said, "As a parent in today's' society, I think I'm very vigilant all the time. It scares me to death what is out there all the time. I have two little girls."

Authorities said a private company, Geren Amusement Company hired the convicted felon.

"I did check with them and they indicated that they just hire people off the street, that they do not do background checks," said Sheriff Woolfork.

Woolfork also said families should still come to the fair, but parents should be cautious with their children when in public. Authorities said Shaw just got out of jail in Carroll County in July. Officials said his arraignment has not yet been scheduled.


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