Sheriff Believes Corrections Issues are Isolated

Caitlyn Jones

Multiple corrections officers in Madison County have been suspended due to alleged mistreatment of inmates and community members are not happy about it.

This weekend, correctional officer Benjamin Long was suspended for possibly using excessive force on an inmate. Last week, Sgt. Vick Kendrick was suspended after two penal farm inmates said he abused them. Both of those cases are being investigated. Also, in December, an inmate hanged himself while on suicide watch, costing five officers a suspension.

Sheriff David Woolfork said all of those officers received 40 hours of training a year by Tennessee Corrections Institute. Some residents think more needs to be done to prevent these types of instances from happening again.

"Where there's smoke there's fire and it seems like from what I'm seeing , there's a whole lot of smoke. So my thing is, it seems like it might be systemic. It's something that could probably be looked into more and maybe some further education and investigation," said resident Jeremy Marshall.

Sheriff Woolfork also told 7 Eyewitness News the men suspended all received thorough background checks before being hired and all were cleared to be hired..


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