Lt. Lisa Balderrama


New Sexual Harrassment Claim Filed Against Sheriff

Erica Williams

JACKSON, Tenn- A new claim of sexual harassment against Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork was filed.

Lieutenant Lisa Balderrama's attorney, Mark Weinman, filed a harassment claim against the Sheriff on Tuesday, claiming that his client was sexually harassed.

Though Balderrama admitted that at times their 11-year affair was consensual, Weinman said she was manipulated by the sheriff from the beginning.

"He enticed her by saying she would be taken care of within the department," Weinman said.

According to Weinman, Balderrama complied with the sheriff because he threatened to change her work schedule.

"There was always a level of distress that she was doing this against her own free will," Weinman said.

He said his client's goal in coming forward was prompted after Sharon Sangster, another one of the sheriff's girlfriends, recently filed charges.


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