Terence Greer


Shooting Death Leads to Reckless Homicide

By WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Staff
By news@wbbjtv.com

JACKSON, Tenn.- A grand jury determined there was enough evidence to warrant a trial in the shooting death of a Lane College student last summer.

Monday, Terence Greer, 26, was indicted on a charge of reckless homicide and a weapons count in the July death of Kimberly Lindsey, 20.

The panel actually returned more serious charges than the criminally negligent homicide count that was originally presented.

Investigators believe Greer had placed a loaded gun on a couch where he and Lindsey were sitting. Officers said when he asked him to move the gun, it went off, striking and killing Lindsey.

Greer is currently serving an 8-year-prison sentence on counts of cocaine and gun possession.