Shooting Victim's Mother Says Teen is Still Hospitalized

Heather Mathis

MEMPHIS Tenn. - Margaret Lee spends almost every second of every day sitting by her son's bedside.

Gary Patrick Jr., 17, was shot in July as he walked through Allenton Heights housing complex. A friend with him suffered a graze wound to the hand.

"It's been awful!" Lee said.

Patrick spent his 17th birthday in the hospital in Memphis. His family says he will never be the same. "They told us he wasn't going to be able to walk again," Lee said.

The teen is paralyzed from his chest down and has a trach in his throat. His mother says he is slowly improving.

"He's talking, but he's had a lot of surgeries," Lee claims.

Lee says she has no idea when they will be able to go home, and he will most likely have to have a full time nurse care for him.

"Its horrible! We just want to go home," Lee said.

The Jackson Central-Merry student has also not been able to keep up with his school work due to his injures.

Prosecutors said they would like to try both of the teen suspects in this shooting as adults.


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