Corey Robertson


Shooting in Whiteville Leaves Victim Hospitalized

Erica Williams

WHITEVILLE, Tenn- A dispute over a car left one Hardeman County man in The Med in Memphis and his brother wanted by the police.

Whiteville Police responded to shots fired on 352 Oak Street, in Whiteville, where they say Corey Robertson allegedly shot his brother, Marcus Robertson, after an argument over a car. Family members said this is the first time the two have had an issue like this.

"They good people. I just think they let whatever was going on with them....they let their temper take over," said Meakia Brown, who lives with the family and has children by the suspect.

Police are still looking for Corey Robertson, who is now charged with criminal attempt to commit second degree murder. According to Whiteville Police, he is armed and dangerous.

Family members said the victim, Marcus Robertson, was shot in the jaw but is expected to recover.


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