Snow Days Could Cause Make-Up Days in Some Schools

Erica Williams

BOLIVAR, Tenn- Many West Tennessee students have gotten a break from school due to closings from the inclement weather. School officials are telling them to enjoy the days while they can because in some cases they will have to be made up.

Hardeman County School Superintendent Warner Ross said both faculty and staff are affected when school is interrupted.

"We have a set curriculum and scope and sequence we go through, so unplanned dismissals impact that. Now we have more to do in a shorter period of time," said Ross.

Most schools, like Hardeman County, have stockpiled days that can be used to cover the missed days. According to Ross, Hardeman County has 10 stock pile days they've acquired by making regular school days longer.

"We go 30 extra minutes every day .and have for many years," said Ross.

School districts like Jackson-Madison County and the Gibson County Special School District have a similar approach. Jackson-Madison County has 13 stock pile days, while Gibson County Special School District has 10.

If schools run out of stock pile days, officials will amend their school calendars to make-up the missed days.


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