Social Media Connects Families During Hurricane Sandy

Heather Mathis

CROCKETT COUNTY Tenn.- As Hurricane Sandy impacts the East Coast, many West Tennesseans are relying on social media to keep in touch with family in the path of the storm.

Wireless providers are asking family members to stick with media like Facebook, Twitter, and Skype as their main form of communication to free up the airways for Emergency Responders.

Bells Resident, Dawn Bennett, moved to West Tennessee nine years ago from New York and left many loved ones behind.

"Everyone I know and have had anything to do with as a kid, ya know. My mom's there, my sister's there, my niece is there, my kids are there. Everybody's there!," said Bennett.

The mother admits when she first heard of Sandy she was not concerned.

"You hear about storms all the time. Then, I saw the size of it and that it was headed right in their direction," she said while checking Facebook posts of friends.

The Bennetts said in times like these without social media they do not know what they would do.

"Not knowing that your family's going to be okay, well, it's never a good thing."


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