Southwest Electric Linemen Home from Sandy

Heather Mathis

JACKSON Tenn.- Linemen from Southwest Tennessee Electric returned home to West Tennessee, Tuesday night, after spending two weeks bringing power back to New Yorkers.

Families of the linemen welcomed their loved ones home with signs and cheers as they pulled their trucks into Southwest's parking lot.

"Oh, it was so exciting. I'm so glad to see him home and safe." said wife, Tabitha Dinkins

The linemen worked through the damage on Long Island, some day's even working in the snow to reconnect power lines.

The crew was able to restore power to several thousand homes during their stay, but say almost 100,000 remain in the dark.

"We were all really excited to get up there and help a lot of people, but it sure does feel great to be home finally," said Linemen Drew Yancey

Southwest Electric said other crews from different companies are still working to get the lights on.


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